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Neeraj Medharthi (PhD)

Assistant Professor, Central University of Rajasthan, Master diploma (Panchagavya), BYN (Bachelor in Yoga and Naturopathy), M.Sc (Yoga Therapy), NET (Yoga)

Neeraj Medharthi is an Assistant Professor at the Central University of Rajasthan. He is a Researcher of the Indic knowledge system, who has done the world's first empirical research on the “Effect of the Panchgavya Diet on the Human Population”. He is the Inventor of Vedic Meditation and Gou-Prana Therapy.




  • UGC-NET and YCB qualified
  • Registered Yoga teacher for MDG (USA)
  • Inventor of Gou-Prana Therapy
  • Inventor of Vedic Meditation
  • Nominated as a member of the internal committee for students with disabilities in S-VYASA.
  • Worlds first empirical research on the Panchgavya diet and Human Health
  • Published eight papers in national and international journals related to the Yoga and panchgavya field.
  • Youngest Ex-President of Bharat swabhiman trusts Mahendergarh.
  • Nominated as a member of IQAC by the Central University of Haryana.
  • Provide online health services(Yoga & Panchagavya therapy) throughout the nation through online platforms.
  • Participated in Several scientific webinars on the importance of Yoga and Cowpathy for overall health.
  • Received best Presentation award on the subject of Panchgavya by the Society of immunology and immunopathology (SIIP).
  • Design syllabus of Yoga Pulmonologist Course for MDG USA
  • Mentor in the IKS Division at the Ministry of Education.

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