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Neeraj Medharthi (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor (Central University of Rajasthan), International Yoga Teacher & Researcher

MSC (Yoga Therapy from Svyasa, Bengaluru), BYN, DYS, MD (Panchagavya), UGC-NET, YCB Certified, EX-PRESIDENT (Bharat Swabiman Trust, Mgarh) Ex-STATE MEMBER (Yuva Bharat Haryana) YOGA TEACHER( For Institute of Vedic Research Center, U.S.A), Inventor of Vedic Meditation, Inventor of Gouprana Therapy.

He is a Ph.D. scholar at the Central University of Haryana, who has done the world's first empirical research on the “Effect of Panchagavya Diet on Human Population”. He is the Inventor of Vedic Meditation and Gouprana Therapy.

His basic goal is to eliminate the evils and challenges that are spreading rapidly in the world. Children with quality and cultured education, harmful chemical-free food to society, conservation and promotion of indigenous cows, Increasing the income of farmers and providing better health to the people of the world through Yoga, Ayurveda, and Panchagavya diet are the primary focus of Neeraj Medharthi.

He is an International yoga teacher, who has organized many international workshops on Yoga and Ayurveda, Specially on Panchagavya Diet. He has inspired participants from countries like America, Mexico, Australia, Italy, and many more to lead healthy lives.

So far, he has done almost thousands of programs in India, which mainly included Scientific Gou-Katha, Evidence-Based Yoga Therapy camps, and Natural products training workshops. He is also an avid speaker with great skills in Music Therapy.

Neeraj Medharthi played a very important role in taking the science of Yoga, Indian cow (Bos-Indicus), and Yagya/Hawan to society. He is an awakening society on the subjects of Vedic education, Employment by Swadeshi products, and lifestyle modifications for the last decade.