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How India can become Economic & Health Superpower by effective Use of Cow Dung (Gomaya) :- Gouvrdhan Special

How India can become Economic & Health Superpower by effective Use of Cow Dung (Gomaya):- Gouvrdhan Special

Out of Panchgavya produce, Only Gobar Dhan is capable to make our Country physically, Mentally, spiritually and economically strong.

Now The first question is how Cow Dung (Govar) can make us physically , Mentally and Spiritually strong???😊

Answer:- As we all know The bhagwad gita refers the quality of prana in different foods by categorising them as Sattwic , Rajasic and Tamsic..
The current problem of our nation is that more than 9️⃣5️⃣% of the Indians are consuming Tamasic food ( As it contain lot of Chemical fertilizers , Pesticides insecticides and preservatives) .

-We are consuming the food with No ❌or very less prana, Which made us physically , mentally and spiritually weak (Immuno-Unbalance) .😞

If we talk about the food produce by using Cow dung as fertilizer It have Great pranic Value, ✌️
which can be measured by simple Pendulum♟️ method released by Simoneton from France.

We also know that if prana is more it is responsible for our perfect physical, mental and spiritual well-being.💪😇

Second question is How Cow dung (Govar) can make our nation economically stronger?

As we all know that India is a Farming land,👳‍♂️ Bharat krishi Pradhan desh (Most of the population is depend on farming). We are so rich💵 that we have a Hundreds of varieties in vegetables🍄 , fruits 🌲and grains in each season , which is limitation for European countries ( Due to their bad weather conditions )

If we talk about the National and international markets; they have a huge demand of *Organic products with highest prices.

For example:- The market here in Gurugram (Haryana ) , where I used to visit many times , I see the farmers who are selling their Organic grains , vegetables and fruits on a price 4-5 times more than the Market price. In International Markets the same price goes to 50 – 100 times More…

Another Extraordinary uses of Govar:-

1:- Electricity
As the burden of Coal is increasing day by day, By using Bio-gas, we can full-fill approx 80% of the electric requirements of the nation , ( It only requires strong will power of the government and we people)

(I am attaching a model video below for the proof)…

2:- Bio gas as a fuel
Bio gas is also a natural substitute for Petrol and Diesel. Many countries starts bio gas as a fuel in vehicles. (In India Research needed in this direction)

3:- By using the cow dung fertilizers in our fields, we can minimize our nation health expenditure (On Non-Communicable disease).
So lot of savings 😊….

4:- As the moderen cosmetic market is also having so much of chemicals in the products, we can replace it by panchgavya products market, which will generate rural employment.


Atlast it is not an Atishyokti by saying this that “Govar has the great capacities to help India to become Superpower😊🙏

Vedamrita organisation & MDG (Usa & Guyana) in the guidance of guruji Dr Satish Prakash ji are making the efforts to implement all above formula along with yoga to make the world noble and peaceful..


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With Great thanks
Neeraj Medharthi
PhD Scholar
Panchgavya & Yoga

Founder of Vedamrita



  1. Kiran Kumari on November 5, 2021 at 6:32 am

    Wonderful Information 😃 Thankyou 🙏

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  3. Yogi Akash on November 5, 2021 at 9:52 am

    Very informative article as expected from a great scholar like you Neeraj Bhai.

    Next time I request you to write about chemical composition of cows urine and its advantages and usefulness in disease treatment along with research papers reference.

    Keep doing great work Neeraj Bhai.

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